About Us

Health Equals Wealth

Is an app that rewards you with digital currencies ( Wealth Coins/ WC).

You earn WC by:

Posting your healthy activities,
Other users giving you WC for your posts

You can exchange your WC for gift cards, consumer goods, services, cash, etc... that will continue to promote your healthy lifestyle. You can view the health activities your family and friends are involved in, and also see the healthy activities members of your community are doing. This is a healthy platform that rewards your healthy activities, with WC that can be exchanged for item that promote and contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

Users can interact with others in their social networks and support there healthy activities by giving their WC, and providing positive feedback for other users healthy habits. Users can also learn about healthy products that are environmentally friendly, healthy activities in their community, and the most extensive scientific research outlining the best practices for optimal health.

We celebrate your positive contribution. Any negative behaviors/ post or comments ( nudity, profanity, rudeness, hate speech, etc...) will result in loss of coins, and or 30 days muting, or deletion of account. Thank you for keeping this platform healthy. Let's create an environment that encourages positive life changing behaviors, that will have a transformational impact on all the users and empower them to embrace a journey to becoming the best versions of themselves.